Didier Burgaud Swing Orchestra

Didier Burgaud Swing Orchestra - Jazz & Swing
Left to right: Didier Sarrazin contrebasse, Yves Nahon batterie, Didier Burgaud, Pierre Kellner piano.

Accompanied by a swing trio (piano, double bass, drums) Didier Burgaud proposes an elegant jazz music that recreates the warm and cosy atmosphere of the legendary jazz clubs of the forties.

His repertoire includes evergreens, jazz standards and other lesser known tunes from the swing era.

This professional musicians play regularly in jazz clubs and festivals but also for private occasions and receptions.

Featuring: crazy bass introductions, ballads whispered softly, piano solos directly imported from famous pictures such as « Casablanca », improvisations cross-fertilized with clarinet and piano as well as baroque fugues from out of nowhere…

Many of the titles have been revamped with original ornaments, giving them that special touch.

Every tune tells a different story, offering music lovers a pallet of emotions and feelings.

Jazz critics have recognised this musical quality: French magazine « Jazzman » paid a tribute of 3 stars to the record « Fascinating Rhythm ».


Fascinating Rhythm Jazz Swing Manouche - Jazz & Swing

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In the press

“ Burgaud has a bright full tone... his tenor is in the Ben Webster breathly ballad mode,... he croons pleasantly enough... ” Jazz Journal.
“ La tradition est bien là et c’est heureux que des garçons continuent à la promouvoir d’une façon aussi spontanée et pleine d’élégance ” Jazz Notes.
“ Elégant, *** ”Jazzman.
“ Si vous êtes sensible aux belles mélodies jouées avec swing et sensibilité... Le quartet de Didier Burgaud a cela en magasin ” Jazz Dixie Swing.
“ J’adore la fluide clarinette, les beaux sons graves et chauds du saxophone ténor,… de très bons musiciens ” Claude Tissendier.
“ Les thèmes sont chouettes et pas trop rabâchés... très beau son de clarinette et presque volupté au ténor … Bravo ! ” Marc Laferrière.