Quartet « Swing manouche »

Swing Manouche - Jazz & Swing
Left to right: Ramon Galan Guitar, Stéphane Teboul Basse, Didier Burgaud Clarinet, Laurent bajata Guitar solo.

Four musicians play the repertoire of the great Gipsy guitarist (Nuages, Dinette, Minor Swing,...) adding their personal touch.

The velvet sound of the clarinet flirting with the sweet and sour chords of the guitar makes this music simply magical. Rhythmical support is provided by a second guitar and double bass.

Given the skill needed to play this music well, there are not many who dare… Just listen to the impressive virtuosity of « Swing 39 » and you’ll be convinced.

Beyond their blue notes, these tunes also tap at folk songs of central Europe and are married with jazz.

Chord changes evoke warm log fires, the homey true spirit of family music blended with the power of swing, the hot tempos played by bands in jazz cellars, musical contests after-hours...

This orchestra offers beautiful melodies, improvisations, authentic emotion, all essential ingredients to spend an intense moment with friends during a dinner, anniversary or birthday party...